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I am feeling out an 600 form and there like question that i don't understand can you please help me and tell me what they mean t

Schiller Park, IL |

my back ground is trying to become a citizen

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If you are trying to become a citizen you need form N-400. Form N-600 is for people who are already citizens by law (for example, people who are born outside the United States to parents who are United States citizens), so they can get a certificate of citizenship. Good luck! - 312.641.0771 - The information above is general in nature and is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship between us. It is intended simply as background material, is current only as of its indicated date, and may not include important details and special rules that could be applicable to your case. You should consult an attorney directly before acting or refraining from action.


If you have a lot of questions about the form, then it's probably best to have a lawyer help you with it. In some cities, non-profit legal organizations offer free citizenship workshops, so you might also look into that.

The information offered is general in nature and not meant to be relied upon as legal advice. No client-attorney relationship is created through this information. Please consult an attorney prior to making legal decisions.


Which question do you not understand?

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