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I am falsely being charged for theft at walmart

Lakewood, CA |

it was april 3 when i went to walmart i had gotten my taxes and went shopping at walmart with a cart full of $500 worth of merchandise i was looking for my sister in the walmart and noticed she had went outside as i was going to call her a lady apprehended me. the shopping cart did not even go outside. I was convicted of theft locked up for 2 days and even on my bday i am currently fighting this case and even so Walmart is not presenting the video I know for a fact there hiding there lies i will be presenting my bank statements as i did pursue to tell walmart i had my money to pay for it and that i was wrongly accused they thought it was funny and were talking about how i was the highest worth of merchandise stolen and a raise . This is Unfair what will happen . Will My Case Get Dropped?

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It is best if you assume the case will not get dropped. Make sure not to post details on line. Consult with an attorney. You may be entitled to a public defender.

Once you have an attorney then they will be able to get all of the information necessary to clear your name if possible. It is unfortunate but innocent people get caught up in the system all the time.

The biggest mistake innocent people make is not fighting the case zealously because it seems obvious to them that the case should be dropped. Consult an attorney right away.


My colleague is correct. You need an attorney to beat this case .

Andrew Roberts (818) 597-0633/ (805) 496-7777


Keep fighting. I have done hundreds of Walmart theft cases both felony and misdemeanor and haven't seen a single time that Walmart did not have video. They have a very sophisticated surveillance system. You are right. They are hiding from you. Your attorney should be able to have the DA drop it or reduce it. Just negotiation.


My colleagues are right. Speak with a few attorneys who will aggressively defend this case for you.


Cases where there is $500 worth of merchandise in question rarely just get dropped without an Attorney working the case. Your attorney can file discovery requests and motions to compel video. And Walmart is not a mom and pop store. I don't think many people would believe that they do not have video surveilance in the store. Speak to a criminal defense attorney or two in your area to discuss your case further.

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