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I am disabled and my husband has been in the military is there any hope for me to get more income from him becauseof I am disabl

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I want to know what i am entitled to with being disabled. My husband owns his home and it was purchased prior to getting married. If he can not pay allomony will they make him sell his home to provide allomony.

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It is possible that you could be entitled to alimony or spousal support due to your disability. Whether you will be entitled to such support will depend on the number of years of your marriage, whether your disability arose during the marriage, whether your income (including any disability benefits you receive) are enough to meet your financial needs in the life style to which you became accustomed during the marriage, and, whether your husband's income allows him to meet his financial needs and still have funds left over for your support. The answering of this question does not result in the attorney answering the question to have been hired by the person asking the question.