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I am deaf, Am I responsible to install special smoke alarms or is it landlords? Can Landlord demand pet deposit on service dog?

Blaine, WA |

I am deaf and have family and live in Blaine area, At the time we moved in, I requested several smoke alarm with flashing light and I asked if she can waive the pet deposit fee ($850) so I can have my hearing dog live with me even I told her I can provide certification on the dog, Landlord denied it and wants $850 for pet regardless certification or no certification. As for the smoke alarm with flashing light, they told me I can hear fine, dont need special ones. Now I am facing eviction hearing over of non payment of rent well, we do not owe rent and they failed to provide receipts and plus they put us in a danger home with no updated electricity, lead paint, mold, no ventilation. we tried county building and they dont deal with home inspection. I even went to courthouse and no help.

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Use google to search for "Fair Housing" as you cannot be charged a pet deposit for a service animal.

And if your disability requires that you have a visual smoke/CO alarm, that is a reasonable request for an accommodation under the ADA and WA state WLAD, which is found in Title 49.

Please also contact the Whatcom County Bar and see if they have a volunteer section. If they don't contact Snohomish Housing Justice.

Elizabeth Powell

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