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I am currently on Probation and yet suppose to be getting off on the 19tghof this month at the time of being put on Probation

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I got served with an injunction which i not intentially violated it by getting dates mixed up however i violated my probation and wants to know worse case scenerio what could happen to me in court and no harm was done and the respondant care not to press any charges
were violating and care to not

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It is not entirely clear from your question exactly what type of violation you are speaking of. However, the worst case when dealing with a violation of probation charge is that the judge could order you to serve the entire sentence for which you were on probation. I would recommend that you contact a local criminal defense attorney to find out more specific information as to how this type of probation violation is handled in your particular court, because different judges typically have different ways to handle (punish) different types of violations. If you cannot afford an attorney to represent you on this violation the judge will appoint an attorney to represent you.

The information provided does not create an attorney-client relationship and is provided merely as a general answer to a general question. You should additionally seek the services of an experienced attorney for further help dealing with your specific case.



I apologize i will be done with probation as of the 19th of this mth but as being put on probation i had a retraining order on me which me and the respondent violated non intentially what could happen to me in a worse case scenrio


Not clear on what type of injunction you violated and how that would violate your probation unless it was a situation where you got a new criminal case because of the injunction situation.The fact that you were fixing to get off probation means nothing because you didn't make it.It sounds like a civil matter and don't really understand why you would have been violated for the same unless it involved an order of protection against a girlfried or family member.Doesnt sound that serious so I would hope the violation would be dismissed . However if I am wrong ,your original sentence could be placed into effect,you could get some split confinement like 90 days and reinstate your probation or you could get some community service hours or something along those lines.I can discuss this with you at 615-838-1166 since Ive been representing clients on violations for 26 years.