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I am currently on 5 years deffered probation for POCS and failed a UA and i havent used . been sober 9 months

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im currently on probation for 5 yrs for 2 possesion charges (meth), on august 15, 2012 i was sent to a 90 day treatment facility in which i completed sucessfully. upon getting out and coming home i always maintaned staying sober. on feb 29th i had a dirty UA for meth, and then on march 13 meth again, upon getting those results i was placed in relapse classes in which i was supposed to be done with yesterday. when i saw my PO i was dropped another bomb, a 3rd dirty UA from may 10th. i demanded hair test and was not given one. they gave me an appt for june 4 in which i need to meet my court officer because i may be getting revoked.after hearing about the 2nd UA i payed for my own hair test which came back clean but they wouldnt accept it. i really need help my life and kids r on the line

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If a mtr is filed you will be entitled to a contested hearing and to enter your second test result into evidence. You may want to go ahead and hire an attorney now to approach the judge with this information in an attempt to cut this off at the pass.

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I agree with Ms. Jaggers.

I would add that when you get a lawyer, discuss getting a "hair" test privately.

Tests arranged by criminal defense lawyers for their clients generally are covered by attorney-client and work product privileges. For this reason, you need to get the lawyer, and then get advice about the test and these two privileges from that lawyer based on your specific situation. DO THIS NOW!

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