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I am currently in US on a L1 visa with Co. A but another company has interviewed me while in US and agreed to sponsor H1B visa.

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1) Is it illegal to have attended the interview while on a L1 visa?

2) Will I be allowed to change visa while in US or do I need to go back to my home country for Co. B to apply a H1 B visa.

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No, it is certainly not unlawful to be interviewed by another employer. You can change your status to H-1B without leaving the U.S. Please see


It is not illegal to attend the interview

You can change to company B without leaving the country.

You are welcome to contact me via link provided if you would like legal presentation.



Congratulations upon having two employers wishing to employ you. In general, a person who enters the U.S. an an intracompany transferee visa (L-1) with the intention of working for that company, and who later explores other employment opportunities, may indeed become hired by another company. While remaining in valid L-1 status, the employee may become the subject of a new H-1B visa, and may complete this "change of status" within the U.S.

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