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I am considering ending a relationship with a father of my unborn baby. What rights will he have for custody and child support?

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Ever since he found out I was pregnant, he's been pushing for us move in together and get married. This pregnancy was a complete surprise to both of us but now I have doubts about why he is pushing for this. I don't intend on getting married to him and I am having second thoughts about moving in together as well. What are some things I need to start planning or thinking about now to make sure I am prepared to have full custody and get child support? I am open to sharing custody because he is still the father but I want to be aware of the legal consequences if we do break up or decide to work it out and move in with will this affect my baby?

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You both have equal rights to custody and visitation. If you and father cannot agree, court will issue order in best interests of child. Child support will be based on income and expenses of each party and time child spends with each.

You and baby's father will have 18 years of parenting this child. The better the two of you get along and act in child's best interest the better life will be for all 3 of you.

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The decision to stay together is up to you, however, if you two break-up and he moves out or you move out, you two have the option of working out a custody/visitation schedule for the child. If you cannot work this out, then either has the option to initiate a paternity case with the court and request custody/visitation orders and child support. Child support is based on time spent with child and income of the parties. You can open a case with the department of child support services to begin the process of asking for support from him, but they do not make custody orders.

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