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I am considering contacting a lawyer for malicious/vindictive prosecution Vs. a local Upstate NY Village.

Binghamton, NY |

I have been having problems with a Village employee. Village Officials conducted a warrentless search. I was charged for a Village Code violation that several other residents do at any given time. I went to court, Pro Se, and the Judge committed several CPL and Penal Law violations. He also threatened me that if the charges were dismissed he would instruct the code officer to arrest me on new charges and he would just find me guilty of those. The Judge, Court Clerk, Village Clerk, and Code Officer had an ex parte meeting to conspire against me. I was found guilty without plea, or trial. The charge was later dismissed. I filed complaint with Judicial Conduct and the Judge later resigned. Like the Judge said, I was re-charged. The DA declined and Village has hired a special prosecutor

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I read what you wrote several times, but I could not discern a question.


You do not give enough information to assess what can be done, if anything. I agree with my colleague that you need to consider a consultation with an attorney in private.

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