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I am considering cohabitation without change in financial benefit. Court hearing is in June. Does making change now hurt my case

Hartford, CT |

My divorce decree states alimony terminates on cohabitation per statute. I know this means my exhusband has to prove we are sharing expenses and I am receiving financial benefit from living with a man. He has filed contempt for cohabitation which is currently not true which I can prove. I am planning on moving in with my fiancee. I am wondering if it is better to move now so I can show it does not change my income at June hearing. If I wait to move after the hearing I am afraid that opens me up to exposure of another contempt filing which I will have to drive 800 miles to attend.

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This is to complicated and delicate question to answer on here. I strongly suggest you seek an attorney familiar with family law. Many attorneys on AVVO will give you a free consultation.

But if you want an answer in the blind I would suggest not moving in since the second you start sharing living expenses while living under the same roof will constitute a change.


I agree with Attorney Balter. If you violate the alimony decree, you are subject to the penalties within it. As Attorney Balter indicated, it is in your best interest to sit down with a specialist.