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I am concerned for me and my family's safety. I got kicked out of my apartment 3 years ago.

North Adams, MA |

I have since found a new one. I was kicked out by someone I know when I was away working on the condition that I ask a neighbor to control his medication. When I got back home, he told me to leave. I got out, but I told him that he was going to have to pay my, tuition and graduate school damages. He then threatened to take away my college degree and high school diploma and put me in a group home. I am now concerned that he is going to threaten my family now that they have moved to the area where I am living.

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You have an absolute right to feel safe and to not be threatened. At the same time, maybe you'll feel better if you think about this logically. How can someone take away your college and high school degrees? The only entities that can do that are the institutions that granted the degrees -- and then only according to the rules of the institutions. How would this person possibly get a guardianship over you -- which is the only way he could possibly have you placed in a group home?

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I also did not mention that I was away from home for six months and this person threatened to call the police and report that I ran away and that was when I got mad. He has been harassing me since 1998, when I left for college.

Christopher W. Vaughn-Martel

Christopher W. Vaughn-Martel


As attorney Golden said, you have the right to be free from this type of horrible control or abuse. It sounds like you are in an extremely abusive relationship with this individual, and I would reach out to someone for help. An attorney can assist you in getting a restraining order and doing some safety planning, but it sounds like there is so much more going on here. You need someone to talk to.


I am not sure I completely understand the situation, except that you fear you may be threatened. There is an anti-harassment statute that allows you to seek a restraining order against another with evidence of at least three incidents where the other sought to hurt or intimidate you and did hurt or intimidate you. If you experience an incident of harassment, call the local police, file a police report and save text, e-mail and telephone messages. If you continue to be harassed, seek a restraining order. I do hope for your sake that none of this is necessary, however it is important to be safe and think safe.

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This question isn't really clear. Are you a minor or under conservatorship?

I suggest you call a local attorney and give more details.

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