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I am co trustee with a corporate trustee

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If I decide to request distribution under HEMS from principal , do I need to speak to my own attorney for help and if the trust doc says a trustee can pay for attoney's fees from trust fund can I pay this expense from my trust fund?

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To answer your specific questions, you shouldn't need to speak with an attorney to initially request a distribution under HEMS, but you may (depending on the type of trust) need to make the request through the co-trustee. If the co-trustee refuses and you believe it is within your rights as beneficiary to receive the distribution, you may hire an attorney (as co-trustee) and, yes, the trust will typically pay for the attorney fees. If this is a spendthrift or special needs trust, you must be careful what you request distribution for to ensure that the purpose of the trust is not defeated. Musing further, a properly drafted SNT or spendthrift trust should not have named you as co-trustee. A good trusts attorney can take a look at the trust and advise you as to the best way to seek a HEMS distribution.

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The written terms of the trust usually outline when distributions can be made. The trust should also state whether a trustee can act unilaterally or if, when there are joint trustees, the trustees must act by majority.
In any event, since you are both a trustee and beneficiary, I suggest you contact your co-trustee to discuss the possibility of a distribution. If you are unsatisfied with the outcome contact a local attorney to review the trust and assist if necessary.

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Thanks. If I need to contact s private attorney to assist me with this, can I pay his fee from the trust assets since it states trustee can pay attorney from trust .

Adam Troy Rauman

Adam Troy Rauman


More than likely but it will depend on the language of the trust agreement. Also, you would have to be successful in your claim/dispute/action, before the trust would pay attorney fees.


The language of the trust would tell you your level of discretion and ability to act alone. If there are contingent beneficiaries be certain to do full accounting or have co trustee make these distributions. You do not want to abuse your power or even be accused of doing so.

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