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I am charged with domestic violence in Missouri for pushing my sister. There were no injuries and pushing occurred on both sideo

Malden, MO |

There was supposed to be a withness and the police officer that in investigating a a friend of my sister and he told her everything this witness was supposed to have seen.

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As silly as it may seem, you can be charged with and convicted of domestic violence for pushing a sibling. In this case, theoretically both of you can be charged and convicted. If you can, hire a criminal lawyer who can help you. As crazy as it sounds, if police are investigating the case, it's possible that you might eventually have a warrant out for your arrest for this "crime."

I hope what I've written here helps you, but remember, this answer isn't legal advice and doesn't establish an attorney/client relationship between us. To get actual legal advice, you need to speak to a criminal defense attorney.



So since in her statement she stated that she pushed me too. Why isn't she being charged? I have no trouble with the law in my 49 years. I know that you can not answer what could happen but could you tell me the average penalty for someone

Michael R. Pandullo

Michael R. Pandullo


When there is a mutual domestic battery, the cops are required by law to arrest the "primary aggressor," which is not necessarily the person who pushed/hit first, but the person who did more damage, has a record, or however else the cop wants to differentiate between the two. It's optional to arrest the person who isn't the primary aggressor. As far as what will happen, even though domestic violence laws do technically apply to situations like this, prosecutors are usually reasonable people, and will see that this type of situation is different than true "domestic violence," and the prosecutor may let you off the hook relatively easy. Of course, that is not always going to be the case, and if you want to get the best result you can, and possibly get the charges dismissed altogether, you should hire a criminal defense attorney in your area.

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