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I am beng evicted. What can I do to keep a roof over my head? Is there anyway a compromise can be done?

Saint Paul, MN |

For a year and a half my wages were being garnished and I wasn't bringing that much home every 2 weeks, which caused me to be late several times on my rent and everything else. I have tried several organizations and was told either people with children come first and/or they have no money. I have sold and pawned everything I owned, and even my family and friends have helped. I don't know what else to do.

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It looks like you need at least two kinds of assistance–assistance with impending homelessness and assistance with legal services.

(1) Assistance understanding and adapting to being without a home; Attached is a link for individuals who are about to be homeless in MN ( There 50 or more organizations listed who provide assistance in the form of guidance--next steps, what to expect, what you can do, where to go etc.

(2) Legal assistance regarding the eviction; The MN Attorney-General has a site with information regarding the eviction process ( which you should review to ensure your process has been in accordance with MN laws--if it hasn't been, you may have some options that could keep the roof over your head for a few weeks more. Also attached is a website that lists the legal aid organizations in MN--many offer volunteer lawyers who may help you ensure your process has been conducted in accordance with the law ( Scroll through the list and find a legal service organization near you and contact them immediately.
Finally, recommend you contact one of the legal organizations and chat with an attorney–you may find some wiggle room that can put you on a course where you are more in control of events.

Best of Luck.


I suggest that you contact Legal Aid and/or Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services immediately. As you most likely already aware, you most likely only have 7-14 days before your hearing. If you are in Henenpin County, you can go to the third floor of the government center for assistance. There are landlord-tenant attorneys who are specialized to assist people in your situation.

Ultimately, if the landlord has followed the terms of your lease and you have defaulted on payment, there is not much from a legal standpoint you can do unless you cure the default. Your other alternative is to try to work out a payment plan with the landlord so the landlord will dismiss the eviction.

The information provided herein is for informational purposes only and is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship or provide legal advice.

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