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I am beneficiary of trust created in 2004. Grantor passed in 2006. Lost my copy of trust. Would attorney that drafted have copy?

Brookfield, WI |

I am the beneficiary of a trust that was created in 2004. The grantor passed away in 2006. I lost my copy of the trust. Would the attorney that drafted the trust have a copy or is it beyond the file retention period?

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Wisconsin has a six-year retention period. So, this may fall just outside of that period. However, it's still quite possible that the Attorney has retained this record. It's certainly worthwhile asking for another copy - on the basis that you lost yours.


Most attorneys would probably still have it. If the trust is still active (has funds and has not been terminated) I am sure someone has a copy, but perhaps its a bank or another attorney.

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I agree with my colleagues. Most attorneys will still have at least an electronic copy of the trust saved in their electronic files, even though it is not required due to the retention period having expired. The trustee, if not a bank or other attorney, will likely have a copy.

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