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I am being verbally harassed and threatened through text messaging. What should I do?

Fort Scott, KS |

I work at a fast food restaruant as an assistant manager. Recently, I had an employee walk out because I asked her to stop standing around and being lazy when she complained about me not letting her leave an hour and 13 minutes before she was scheduled to leave. Her boyfriend, who was now a former friend of mine, has started texting me, cursing me, telling me in explicit language, that I am a horrible manager, and that "Better watch my back, cause my dad'll need to come take me to the hospital". He was fired from the same work place not quite a year ago for an anger issue involving him leaving a dent in equipment from punching it. How should I handle this situation to keep everyone as safe as possible?

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Report it to the police right away. In addition, you may want to consider getting a civil restraining order against both of them to keep them from contacting you in any way.


Here's another option, in addition to traditional law enforcement and a civil restraining order - and these aren't mutually exclusive remedies, you can do all of them:

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