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I am being told my Drivers license is being held by N.Carolina because of a DWI from 1994. What do I do?

Midlothian, VA |

I was living in VA in 1995 and got my license back. I then moved to Texas in 1998 and found out I had to do a DWI class for NC to release my driving record. I did them in Texas and cleared everything. I now live in VA again and was just told NC still has a hold on my record for the DWI from 1994 that I cleared up in 1998. the center where I took the courses only keeps records for 10 years and I am being told I have to do all the courses again and pay them all over again. I don't have any records to prove anything. My record has been clean since except for a minor fender bender back on 2001. I just want to know if they can still be holding this over my head when I cleared all of this before. What do I do? Do I do everything all over again for something that happened 16 years ago?

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I would need more info to answer this question. I will assume that the DUI was in NC and you were required to complete a program similar to VASAP. Have you tried contacting the NC clerk of court in the jurisdiction you were in? If so and they were of no help maybe try the prosecutor's office where it was at and ask if they have a duty attorney to speak with. See if they can find your file and see if they have a record that it was satisfied. Maybe VA DMV can give you more info on what they need. You can request a compliance summary from VA DMV and that may help.


There is a lot of information that is necessary before attempting to give you an answer you could use. Finding a lawyer in your area is the best way for you to handle this situation. I would suggest you go to and find someone near you that can help you. Good luck!


I agree with the other attorneys that more information is necessary. However, this is not an uncommon issue. Often it may be the result of a clerical error. However, if the hold is simply a case of taking "a" class then do it. Otherwise it is difficult to prove that the classes were done and you have no proof. One option it to bring a motion to the court and provide information to the Judge and request the court deem you compliant and close the file. However, more informaiton is needed to be precise.