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I am being sued over recycling fees and the lawyers are sending me letters saying they will win at trial and take my home.

Elizabeth, PA |

The lawfirm wants to be paid back recycling fees I have disputed. I sent them a letter and demand for what legal code they are using to enforce this and in return they sent me a letter saying its the law in pa and I must pay or they will win at trial and place a lien on my home and assets. They say because I dispute that I never used the service I still have to pay cause its state and local law yet they never provide me with proof of what these laws are or named on the books. Is it really legal to force someone to pay for a service they never used? I don't believe this is considered a tax but they won't show or direct me to what the law they are using. I consider it extortion I must pay them today or else I will lose my home. It has also gone past their due date they will want more now.

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It's quite obvious to me that you do not have an attorney representing you in this matter. That's a huge mistake that I strongly recommend you remedy at once. Most of us here will provide you with a no-cost consultation. Take advantage if that to speak privately and confidentially with one or more qualified criminal defense attorneys. The total cost to you--a bit if your time. Good luck.
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You need an attorney now. I f they sue you and prevail, they will file documents and try to get a judgment against you and then possibly put a lien on your real property. This is not an immeduate process and could take months if not a year. Your rights will be better protected if you hire an exoerienced attorney.


I do not see this as a criminal matter but it is obvious that you need an attorney. It sounds like you stand to lose a lot so an attorney would be a wise investment .