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I am being sued for outstanding credit card debt how can i defend myself

Port Saint Lucie, FL |

how can i defend myself in court i cannot afford the amount they want

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Obviously you can file bankruptcy to discharge the debt if you have not previously filed in the past eight years. However, in terms of defending yourself, the party bringing the suit may not be the original creditor. If it is a debt buyer, they must provide a copy of the credit card application and prove that they were assigned the debt. Quite often they cannot produce this information and you may prevail under those circumstances.


There are numerous ways to defend yourself in court against a credit card lawsuit or any other debt collection lawsuit. Please feel free to visit the Helping Florida Consumers website (link is below) for free information. It is way too early to decide whether bankruptcy is appropriate under your circumstances. In most of my debt collection cases, bankruptcy lawyers had solicited the client; however, when I was able to win the debt collection case on behalf of my clients, not one of them has yet had to file for bankruptcy. Find yourself a local consumer lawyer with experience in defending against credit card lawsuits before you consider filing for bankruptcy.