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I am being sued for a car accident that happen in MD five years ago. My insurance was over lapsed. I was not driving.

Honey Brook, PA |

I was not driving. My dad stole my car. I never made a police report. Can they really sue me because my name was on the car?? Also I currently am paying off a car I bought last year. I do not own it. Can they take that if I lose the case? What's going to happen?

My insurance company at that was covering the vehicle is suing for the medical and vehicle damages.

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You might need a Maryland attorney for the suit going on there. I believe the statute of limitations (i.e. the deadline to file a lawsuit) is only three years from the date of the collision. Immediately notify your insurance carrier at the time of the loss and they will hire you an attorney to defend the lawsuit and will pay any judgment up to the limits of your coverage

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Yes, as the owner of the vehicle, they can sue you. However, if your father was not a permissive user, it is unlikely they would prevail and you would probably win on a diapositive motion. Your insurance company at the time has a duty to defend you. Therefore forward the suit to them as soon as possible.

Lars A. Lundeen

Lars A. Lundeen


I think the questioner Is saying that his insurance had lapsed and there is no coverage on his vehicle.


If the car accident happened 5 years ago, and they filed a lawsuit recently, it is possible that statute of limitations ran. If you had insurance at the time of that collision, then let your insurance company know that you are being sued. If you didn't have insurance- then you need an attorney, because they will know what to do and how to defend you. If you loose the case and they obtain a judgment against you, they can take a percentage of your wages or any other assets you may have, including your current car.

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I would contact and consult directly with a Maryland attorney as soon as possible. There are deadlines for responding to a lawsuit, so, do not delay.


I am sorry, but what does this mean "My insurance company at that was covering the vehicle is suing for the medical and vehicle damages." Your insurance company should not be suing you.I thought, based upon your statement, that you did not have an insurance company at the time of the accident.

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