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I am being investigated for welfare fraud in PA what are the possible outcomes?

Stroudsburg, PA |

I have no criminal record,and I am being investigated for welfare fraud, they are saying I did not tell them about a boyfriend living with me.He has never been fully living with me,he did change his mailing address here because the plan was to move in full time.He has been staying here more lately because of my high risk pregnancy and getting close to deliver. This baby will make 6 children living with me.I run a home daycare and am worried about also loosing that,which is my source of income.I can show that he was in nj from july 2010 till june 2011.I can not prove it from the end of june 2011 to now,in which time I have received just under 4,000 in food stamps.He has been on unemployment for seven months now,i am more then happy to have them count this and pay back anything owed

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The potential outcome is that you may be charged with the criminal offense of welfare fraud. The grading of the offense will depend upon how much money they claim you took fraudulently. If you are charged, you will need to obtain a private lawyer or public defender. I've seen many different outcomes to these charges depending upon the county where you are charged. In some counties, the DA may drop the charges altogether if you can pay the money back. In other places, I've seen prosecutors give out ARD for first time offenders. In other places, the DA makes the defendants go to trial or plead guilty. A skilled lawyer can help you. Regardless of the manner in which your criminal case is resolved, it is very likely that you will lose all welfare benefits for at least two years. I've seen this happen even where the charges are dropped after restitution is made.

You should stop posting any information about this investigation on this or any other site. The government can use your statements against you if they find out about them. If you are running a home daycare business, I suspect you are admitting to further welfare fraud unless you reported it to the assistance office. You could be in additional trouble for any other income you received which you did not report to the assistance office. It may also be a crime to run a home daycare without the proper licensing. So please do not post on here about this information any further. Please prepare for any potential charges by getting yourself a lawyer. Good luck!

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Ronald Lee Burdge

Ronald Lee Burdge


Robert's advice is good and absolutely right about not talking about this on the internet.


Discussing potential criminal charges or penalties at online forums can be risky. If your concern is about potential criminal issues, then you should not talk about it on the internet at all. Instead you should talk to a criminal law lawyer near you, right away. Many investigators now check social media and Q&A websites when they are investigating a possible defendant, looking for questions that may indicate possible guilt or damaging admissions that can be gleaned from questions posted online. I do not know what your circumstance is or if you are inquiring only generally or perhaps for another person who was wondering. Regardless, you should talk to a local criminal law attorney near you right away. If you want to understand the legal concept of fraud better, reading this free online Avvo Legal Guide may help you understand general concepts of Fraud, What is Fraud, Regardless of that, you need to talk to a local Criminal Law attorney who deals with this kind of case. Call your local attorney's Bar Association and ask for a referral to a Criminal Law attorney near you. If you can not afford an attorney then you should tell them and ask for a public defender (it may be called something else in your particular state). If this answer was helpful, please give a “Vote Up” review below. Thanks and good luck. Ron Burdge

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