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I am being investgated for food stamp fraud and I don't know what to do?

Roanoke, VA |

The fruad investogator told me that I if I owe more that 5000 then I could face felony charges.

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Use the "Find a Lawyer" tab above - as soon as possible.

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Here's some free legal advice....STOP talking to the investigator! In case you don't understand his role in the criminal process, he is collecting evidence to charge and convict you of a felony. He is not your friend; he is not trying to help you.

Contact an attorney in your area immediately.

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Did this supposed fraud happen in Virginia or in some other state? You will need a lawyer from the state in which the alleged fraud occurred. Do not think you can talk yourself out of this. Hire a lawyer. Do not think that you can get information about the charges by being nice and giving information. Hire a lawyer, or once charges are filed ask the Judge to appoint indigent council.


Food stamp fraud is a prosecuted crime where individuals receive food stamps but are not eligible due to information or inaccuracies in the application process. This can be a serious charge and is based upon the amount of money that you received that you were ineligible to receive. Because this is a criminal charge, any statements that you make would potentially be admissible in a criminal trial. You face the possibility of serious consequences.