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I am being forced to work 68 to 72 hours a week 12 hours a day 7 days a week and cannot leave work after working 8 hours without

Warren, OH |

being considered absent. Is this legal? Others are forced to get a doctor's excuse in order to leave.

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There's a lot you don't explain, so it's difficult to know what might be legal or illegal.

First, being 'forced' to work raises some red flags, but it's difficult to know what you mean by that and what the facts really are. Further, maybe I'm misunderstanding something, and ultimately it's neither here nor there as all calculations lead to hours above 40/week, but your math doesn't exactly add up. Then, if you're being properly paid overtime and the like, there may be no issue at all. Finally, depending on your job situation specifically (industry, title/duties/etc., job classification (employee/independent contractor), and the like) there may be no legal recourse here at all. The possible interpretations of your question are extremely wide-open, and you'll have to be a bit more specific to get a better answer.

However, that said, there are enough red flags here to warrant some additional inquiry, and you may be well served by contacting a plaintiff's side employment attorney in your area.

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