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I am being falsely accused of patient abuse, what should I do?

Newark, NJ |

I am a nurse's aid at a state psychiatric hospital and have recently been falsely accused of patient abuse. Allegedly I hit the patient twice in the face and kicked him in the groin. I was working with this girl, I asked her for her help at 1:30pm and at around 3:00 she started crying and reported me to our director of nursing. I was kept, removed from work and the police interviewed me and asked what happened. They also told me that this girl said I was drinking. The police also asked me if I was willing to do a breathalyzer I said yes but they has to drive me to another police station. So I told them I dont have time so they gave me that stand on one leg say your abc bid. They said there is no signs of abuse on the patient. I might be facing physical assault charges.

obviously this person is going to testify, does her allegations have any bearing, I have a clean record and have a good character morale at work, and fairly involved in recent fight againt closing our hospital. She's a temp at my job and I have been working there for about 7 years. Also, can i possibly have a slander case against this person for her false allegation?

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There are both potential employment and personal injury actions in what you have briefly described. You absolutely and immediately need to retain an attorney to protect you rights in this case.

The slander issue can be filed in the civil courts as a personal injury matter. If your employer takes action against you without sufficient evidence of wrongdoing you may have an action against the employer.

More importantly are the potential criminal charges you may face based on what you have stated.


I agree, you need to obtain local legal representation immediately.

If you need help finding an attorney, you can contact the New Jersey State Bar association:

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