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I am being charged with Welfare Fraud Misdemeanor 1st Degree for $1572. What charges do I face?

Connellsville, PA |

I am planning on paying the $1572 plus the court costs the day of my hearing. I was told by the Investigation agent that I wouldnt have to serve any jail or probation. Is that true?

I have never been in trouble with the law, other than 1 speeding ticket. All this was a misunderstanding over reporting my wage changes.

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The current context is not entirely clear. At the beginning of your question ("I am being charged. . .") seems to suggest that the charges have not yet been filed. If that is true, it would be of potentially great benefit to you to have the debt settled without charges being filed at all. Unless you already know the answer to that, I would contact the investigator for DPW to see if charges could be avoided with prompt payment of the whole amount owed. If charges have been filed then I suggest you talk with some attorneys in the area who are experienced in the defense of criminal charges BEFORE your hearing. Most of us who do this offer free, if limited consultations. Take advantage of that and speak to lawyers qualified to handle this matter. You will at least gain some understanding of you situation and likely outcomes. You might also determine in that process that it would be to your advantage to hire a private attorney. In any event to address what is likely your greatest concern, I do not see incarceration in your future based upon the information you have provided. Post no more details on the Internet and don't discuss it with anyone other than an attorney. Good luck to you.


Before you go into a criminal court you should have a criminal attorney represent you. If you cannot afford one then apply for a public defender.


Do not assume that what any investigator tells you is necessarily true. Perhaps you should have your own attorney speak with the investigator to see if it is possible to structure a resolution that avoids charges being filed.