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I am being asked to relinquish inheritance.

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My father passed away 18 years ago when I was 17 years old. After his passing, I never kept in touch with my fathers side of the family and they never kept in touch with me. Just yesterday, I received a phone call from a aunt from my father side informing me that my grandmother passed away. In her Will, she still had my father listed. My aunt explained that my grandmother always intended to remove my father from the Will but never got around to do so. My aunt asked if I can sign a letter they wrote up that states that I agree to give up any inheritance that I would receive on behalf of my father. I am not sure what to do.

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It sounds like must you have legal rights under that will. You do not seem to be under any duty to relinquish your rights. Do what is best for you. You should not sign any legal documents unless a lawyer acting on your behalf reviews them first.

John Zgourides

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I agree with John. I would suggest that you try to get them to send you a copy of the will. You really don't know what you are giving up until you have a copy of the will.


You should not really be making any decisions until you know what the will says and you can get a good estimate on the amount and type of your inheritance. Plus, the Aunt, who is very interested in your decision, is telling you what the grandmother's intentions were, but who is to say? The grandmother may have wanted you to to take your father's portion and thus she purposefully never changed the will. Legally, the will is taken to be her intentions at the time of her death. Plus, even if the will was not valid, then you would probably still get an inheritance through intestacy. So, you should go see a probate attorney to assist you through this process so yo can make an informed decision.

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