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I am awaiting sentencing on dwi 3. I have my occupational licence that is still in effect till 2013.

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i have done my research and found that i can ask the judge to reinstate my occupational license 1 more year so i can cater to my mothers needs and get to work. I am currently going to an outpatient facility for 12 wks and knocking out my dwi intentervenion class and attending aa meetings. trying to do all the right things but i really need my license to function. my last dwi was 9 years ago and im trying to buy a house but i have a felony conviction not to mention its hard to even rent an apartment. Please tell me what im looking at. Dont think im gonna get prison time but thier gonna make my life pretty rough. how do i ask for an extention on my occupational lisence?

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If you're awaiting sentencing then you should already have an attorney. This is a question that that they should answer. If your current attorney doesn't handle occupational licenses, then you need a referral to someone who does. If you are representing yourself in this entire process, you shouldn't be. Even with probation, you could be looking at up to six months in jail. This is day for day time.

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Your attorney can file a motion to amend your odl after your conviction suspension is issued by dps.

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This is a question you should be asking your attorney. I agree with my colleague who said something like if you do not have a lawyer, you should get one.

Without knowing all the details of the case, no lawyer on avvo is able to give you a good "second opinion" on what will happen. If you are looking for a second opinion, you really need to speak with your lawyer about any lack of confidence in him or her, and if need be speak with a different attorney for that second opinion.

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Another issue to consider is the required waiting period for an occupational license following the mandatory driver's license suspension which will result from your DWI 3rd conviction. If you already have an ODL, I suspect it was obtained following the administrative ALR suspension. In any case, these are questions for your current attorney. Good luck.

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