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I am an at-will employee who was just terminated. I requested a written copy of my termination but was denied? is this legal?

Southfield, MI |

I know that the employer does not have to give reason, Which they stated was "making changes to the company". however, I'd like a written statement just showing they let me go and that I did not quit. I live in Michigan and if I had quit, I would not be entitled to unemployment benefits. Is it within my rights to request a written letter for this purpose?

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You can request it, but the employer is under no obligation to give it to you. Unemployment will be handled by the state and only if the employers object would it even matter.



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I agree with Attorney Klisz. There is no requirement that your employer provide any written termination notice. You may file for unemployment and if you are denied based on the employer's reasons for termination, you can appeal it but at least then you would have a written reason. Keep in mind that unemployment benefits used to be up to a maximum of 26 weeks in Michigan but changed this time last year to only 20 weeks. I wish you luck!

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You have the right to request; they have the right to deny. Perhaps you could get a former co-worker to sign a statement in front of a notary. Good luck. I hope this helps.

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