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I am an active duty in military and I have tricare, Do I have to pay health care insurance for my child who is living in texas

Shallowater, TX |

I also live in military housing, can they deduct my housing allowance?

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If you are ordered by a court to pay health insurance, then yes. But usually any such order would say you have to "provide" health insurance. Absent a court-order stating how much support you must provide, you must comply with the terms of AR 608-99 with regards BAH and support of family members. You should consult a legal assistance attorney on base for further info.

This post is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice, nor does it establish an attorney client relationship with Mr. Cassara.

Leonard C. Morales

Leonard C. Morales


Mr. Cassara is right but being a Family Law Attorney here in Texas I know you can satisfy this provision in your orders by putting the child on DEERS and registering in TRICARE. You only need get mom a copy of the insurance card (TRICARE ID Card). The statute says provide Health Insurance. If she insists on keeping the child on her insurance or Medicade just to mess with you then you will have a solid defense. But don't leave this sitting.


Assuming that you are indeed active duty and have put your child into DEERS as a dependent (the JFTR covers what a "dependent" actually is, but if you're talking about health care and deductions, odds are good your child meets the definition), the health insurance should flow through TriCare prime without incurring additional premium cost to you.

As Mr. Cassara said, a base legal assistance attorney should be able to clarify things for you, but the health care issue should be easy to address.


Your obligations are listed in AR 608-99 but you must also comply with your state obligations, ie stare court order; see your legal assistance attorney.

This information is intended for public use only, it does not form an attorney-client relationship and it does not constitute legal advice. If you seek legal advice on military law issues, contact an military law attorney. My contact information is or 804-955-9867.

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