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I am an 18 yr old mom who is being bullied by my daughters father and his father (paternal grandparent). Please help!!

Katy, TX |

Year old daughter is now with the visitation going over every other weekend and coming home filthy, horribly wet, poop diapers, awful diaper rash (when she left with a clear bottom), whinny, won't sleep etc. When I leave a note in her bag and talk with him about her health issues he completely ignores them. With his and his fathers arrogance I'm worried about the welfare of my baby! I don't have any money for an attorney.

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I don't know what to tell you about not being able to afford an attorney other than to try legal aid, law school clinics, and calling around your area to see if you can find an attorney who might take your case at a reduced fee. You should be gathering as much documentation of your daughter's condition both when she comes back AND before she goes as possible. You should also be aware that the visitation schedule you describe, with the child visiting the noncustodial parent every other weekend, Friday to Sunday, is actually not the norm for children under 3 under Texas law, so I think that if you did go to court, you could probably get that changed. If you think he's harming your daughter, of course bringing CPS into things is always an option, but it's something you should think through carefully before you decide take that step. One, they hear a lot of complaints from the other parent that are not necessarily made in good faith, and two, if they do get involved, the case will necessarily involve you, too, as the other parent, and that may not end up being to your advantage. If it's a non-emergency situation and you can find a way to address the issue through a private custody proceeding, I think you'd probably be happier with the results. Good luck.