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I am afraid for my son's safety! He is 4 1/2 and has disclosed abuse from his mother. denied a temp RO need advice

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His mother, my estranged wife had abandoned him with me to lead her life with drugs when he was a baby. She claimed to have cleaned up, I allowed visitation, and she took off with him, out of state for 2 years. He is now in my physical custody, I signed an agreement to return him to her, on a certain date and he has disclosed to me and 3 other family members that he is being abused by her & her boyfriend, who from what I understand is a drug dealer. I filed a report of abuse in her state, and applied for a PO in Colorado, it was denied, until she hurts him again, I cannot let that happen. The paper I signed has not been signed by a judge, yet she lied to Police,that it was and brought police to collect him. He was not at my residence, and is still in my physical custody. Help!

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Call Child Protective Services with the Department of Social Services and report your concerns. They will investigate as to whether the mother poses a danger to the child if they have certain evidence to prove the abuse. A restraining order is normally only worth the paper it is is written on. You need to get CPS and law enforcement involved if you expect any assistance.

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