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I am about to receive a charge that is not mine. they came and search my mothers home with out a search warrent and when

Shelby, NC |
Attorney answers 2


You need to contact a competent criminal defense attorney in your area ASAP. There are several issues you raise: entry into a residence WITHOUT a serach warrant, was it a "consent" entry? Where were the item found? Was it in your living area? What was searched and seized? Was anyone arrested or cited? Was is a felony drug vs. a misdemeanor drug?

The police I assume want to cooperate. You need an attorney ASAP to assist you.

I am trying to give you a general answer to your question. We do not have an attorney-client relationship by this response on the avvo website. I have not been retained to represent you. I am licensed to practice law in Kentucky and in federal court in this state and the Southern District of Indiana. You need to seek legal advice from an attorney licensed to practice in your area..


Get with an attorney in your area as quick as you can.