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I am about to make my last visit before getting off probation. My PO has not asked for a UA. Is she required to give me one?

Kaufman, TX |

I have completed all my requirements and have had no trouble the entire time I've been on probation. She has never mentioned a test of any sort. I have a breathalyzer on my car. Should I expect a UA because the state says she has to?

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She doesn't have to give you one but she certainly can. No one can give you a definitive answer to your question. It sounds like you've done great. Don't screw it up now!

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Macy is right. I've seen probationers who were never tested, and some that were tested many times. So be ready to pass if you need to.

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You should ALWAYS expect a UA, especially on the last visit before your probation is terminated. And if she asks, you are required. Seriously, don't screw it up at this late date.....

Cynthia Henley