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I am about to make a new will which totally writes OUT my sister,her husband and kids.

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The plan is to write IN friends and charities. Can they contest this will (if I died) and win if my express wishes are different from their expectations and I am of sound mind and body when I make this will next month? Can they say it should have been theirs event tho I say NO! ?

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They can try - but you may want to include a clause that says anyone who contests the will gets nothing - that may give them pause

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In the U.S., people are virtually guaranteed their day in court. So yes, they can contest. But their chances of winning are very small, particularly if you use an attorney to assist with the Will. Not only can the attorney insure that the document is valid and enforceable, but he/she can also testify in support of the Will, in case someone decides to challenge it.

Under the circumstances, you will also likely want to have a durable power of attorney in place, in case you ever become incapacitated.

James Frederick

James Frederick

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You are not required to leave anything to your siblings or their family in your will. Can they contest a will that specifically disinherits them, yes. Are they likely to success, if the will is properly draft and executed in a manner meeting all local statutory requirements, it is unlikely. The bottom line is that if you want to disinherit anyone, you need to have an attorney draft the will for you to be sure it is done correctly.

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Your relatives can successfully contest your will only if (1) they are the people who would get your estate if the will is invalid, and (2) they can prove either you did not have the mental capacity to make a will or you were improperly influenced to make the will by someone. In either situation, the will is invalid.
Hiring a lawyer to prepare a carefully worded and properly signed and witnessed will is a prudent way to make sure your will, not theirs, will be done!


The most common reasons for challenge are undue influence or incompetence.
They will have a very hard challenge if these reasons do not exist.

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You have asked a perfect question for Avvo. The answer, as others have said, is no, they will not get anything if you don't want them to. Our tradition in America of private ownership is a holdover of the British system of ownership wherein a person owning property may dispose of that property however the person sees fit. Basically, it's your stuff and as long as you're competent, you can give it to whomever you want. You could change your will everyday for the next ten years and the last will you write before you die will be the one that is enforced, with all others being null and void.

The long and short of it: Basically, in America, you get to do with your property what you want, no one else has a say--except maybe the IRS.

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