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I am about to graduate drug court, can I get my old felonies expunged or sealed as well as the felony I am in drug court for?

Walnut Ridge, AR |

I am in drug court for possession of controlled substance. I am graduating early because of excellent performance. I will have this felony expunged as part of drug court. I have 2 other felonies from before drug court. A possession charge in 1996 that I went to prison for and a forgery charge from 2004 ( I also went to prison). I am the first graduate of my drug court, it was not available to me at the time of my first two felonies. Is there any way to get these records sealed or expunged?

I am in Arkansas

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In Arkansas you are only allowed to use the expungement provision one time. You can use it to expunge multiple felonies, but only if they are a part of the same case. I am afraid you are out of luck on the prior felonies. If you feel that something else needs to be done you can petition the Governor for a pardon.


Expungement laws vary widely from one State to another. You should consult a criminal defense attorney who practices in the State(s) where these matters occurred to find out whether you qualify for expungement.

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