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I am about to go for mediation for racial discrimination, should I take a lawyer? How much should I settle for? Should I sue?

Winchester, IN |

I have proof of racial discrimination and disparge of character. I have credible witnesses, 1 of whom is a pastor. I am about to go into mediation. I know they are taking a lawyer, should I take 1 too? i don't know what a fair and reasonable amount to ask for. If I am insulted should I just sue. I have four kids and federal court is 2hrs away. I just don't know what to do?

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You deserve far more than a brief internet generic reply, based on the facts you have presented. You should ABSOLUTELY talk to a lawyer before proceeding to mediation. At minimum, you can call a local Legal Aid office for advice, representation, or a referral. To find an office near you, go to and check for your nearest office. Another option is to go to your Yellow Pages and search for a civil rights attorney and/or a personal injury attorney. Call several, explain your situation, and see who is interested and able to provide support to you in this serious matter.

Do not agree to anything, give statements about the sitiuation, or settle your matter without first consulting with an attorney who can advise you of the value and basis of your allegations.

Good luck to you.