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I am a wife who needs some help and some answers. I need to know my rights. My husband stole a automobile accident claims

Stone Mountain, GA |

check that was made payable to me my name only. My SUV only have my name on it. He went out of his way to collected the check from the insurance company the check was made payable to me only. He signed my name on the back of check. Then took the check to his bank and deposit into his personal account. He lie to me and said there was no claim money and I did my research an found out there was damage money. Do I have any rights in this matter?

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This is really a criminal matter unfortunately. If he will not return the funds, report him to the local authorities. You can also talk to the attorney who helped you with the settlement in the first place - if the insurance company was negligent in allowing your husband to get the check in the first place, they may be liable to you for any funds your husband uses or you are unable to collect. Good luck

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You should consult with an attorney in your area regarding these most important matters. Many offer free consultations.


Consult with a local lawyer to discuss your options. Good luck.


Forgery. Have him return money or you can call the authorities.

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