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I am a white male age 51 and was discriminated at McDonalds. Can I win a lawsuit. store Video shows this.

Charlotte, NC |

5 black people served by same black cashier while I waited 19 minutes for a basic order McDonalds has asked what they can do to make this right. Mgr. offered money back but this needs attention so it don't continue to happen

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I agree with the previous answers. Since you have an offer, there is a good chance that your story has some weight to it. Now, if there is a legal claim is another story. I suspect you were offered compensation to reduce or eliminate any bad publicity.

This is not a case that could be handled pro se as McDonald's war chest is way too deep for a pro se litigant to ever hope to defeat alone. But in essence, this is not a million dollar claim. This is a claim of inconvenience. Which in Court would afford you minor compensation that would likely be less that anything an attorney would charge you to handle. Get the best compensation you can from the manager and take your future business to an establishment that will treat you better.


Careful. You are about to overplay a very limited hand.

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If you spoke to the manager, what more do you want? There are no damages.


Unfortunately, there is no legal claim here.