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I am a whistleblower, reporting on Government corruption in another State.

San Francisco, CA |

My co-whistleblower , who lives in that other State, has suffered hacked computers, hacked bank accounts, arson, attempted kidnapping. He has suffered violations of his legal rights in court cases . Was denied his right to appeal. We have evidence of all this - paper, audio, video of many other things. In addition, the people behind all of this are trying to seize his land. Now the heat is coming my way . the sheriff has come to my door three times leaving a calling card. I am sure the county judge in that other state has issued something. Don't know what. How would I find out before I get served ? I was never a party to any legal action in that State. Never been in that State. My life would not be worth sh*t if I ended up in that State..

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I'm not sure why you're posting this under the employment practice area, maybe because this started out as an employment related whistleblower case, but you should be posting in the criminal practice area as well. If the sheriff wants to talk to you, you should get an attorney immediately, and only go in for an interview with an attorney. Don't talk to anyone without your attorney. The interrogators are trained to do just that - extract a "confession" from you. Be careful.

It's not clear to me if it is the sheriff here in CA that's looking for you or the sheriff in that other state.


A quick point on your suspicion that "a county judge in that other state has issued something." Service of process in CA is not necessarily conducted by a sheriff, so his calling card need not be interpreted as pending proceedings against you out of state. That said, I concur, strongly, with the first atty advising that you retain legal counsel before speaking with law enforcement or any representatives of the entity related to the whistleblowing event.

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