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I am a victim of domestic violence, I have a restraining order against my father but I am being harassed by family members.

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Following the incident I have endured harassment from my family. They’ve shown up at my residence, I have been chased by a vehicle registered to them, they have used every form of communication to harass me continuously. They have been spreading lies about me attacking my character. I have had threats of being beaten up by their friends and they have sought out people in my life (both friends and foes) telling ‘their side of the situation’ rather than the facts. I tried unsuccessfully to get an anti-harassment order. I have repeatedly asked to be left alone and have done everything in my power to sever all ties. The emails, phone calls, and character assassinations they are doing is causing a lot of pain, anxiety, and stress. What can I do?

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Why was your anti-harassment order denied? If there was a hearing and the court determined on the evidence presented that it wasn't harassment, you would need to make a motion for reconsideration or revision within 10 days of the ruling to challenge it. If the case was dismissed for other reasons, like failure to follow proper procedures, you can try again. I'm going to link to an informational guide, but since you have been unsuccessful already, your best chance is to get an attorney.


Hire a lawyer right away to seek the protection order for you.
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You need to talk to the victim coordinator at the prosecutors office or an agency that helps victims of crimes because this forum is criminal defense attorneys where we would be representing the accused.

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