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I am a US citizen, I want to marry a Mexican Citizen.

Mcallen, TX |

I recently got a divorce (over 30 days) and the divorce was in Texas. I have been living with my Girlfriend in Mexico for 4 years. I want to marry her and get her a Visa so she can travel freely with me to the US. I currently work in Mexico for Halliburton Energy Services and have been working here for the past 6.8 years as and expatriate. Due to the Divorce I no longer have a residence in the US but there is a possibility that I move back to the US at any time. What is the best route to getting her VISA. Can I get married and get the visa for my girlfriend while we both are in Mexico?

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In your case, I would recommend you initiate an immigrant visa process to obtain her residency. I would also recommend you hire an immigration lawyer to assist you. Feel free to coordinate a telephonic consultation. For your information, the first step is to get married and then file an I-130 petition for your wife. Best of luck.