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I am a tenant who is dealing with a noisy neighbor, What are my rights?

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The other tenant lives above me, she already had one family move bcz of her. The office told us they were transferring her to another apt. In 30 days. I found out yesterday it's not for another 22 days. We have been to the office manager so many times for it, and she says legally there is nothing she can do. The noise is so bad it shakes our light fixtures, things fall off shelves. She has been to our neighbors talking about us, making life miserable for us. We just moved in, to this apt. but we have been here at the complex for three years with no complaints. We desperately need to know what our rights are.

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You have a right to quiet enjoyment of the premises. You need to make your complaints in writing. The management will get the idea you are about to break your lease if they cannot cure the problem.

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You can have a local attorney send the neighbor a cease and desist letter, and a letter to the landlord that he take action. If that does not work, you can sue the neighbor (in small claims court if you do not want to use an attorney) for Nuisance and Interference with the Right to Quiet Enjoyment. If at some point, you want to break your lease, do it with the aid of a local landlord/tenant attorney--never do this on your own. You can also call the non-emergency number of your local police department and ask if your neighbor's actions are a violation of any local ordinances. If they are, call them through the non-emergency number every time your neighbor does this.

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