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I am a stay @ home mom, husband sole provider and i want a divorce-what can i do?

Brooklyn, NY |

He is an emotionally and sometimes physically abusive man and He controls the income and won't file for divorce because he wants me to do it, knowing i have no income and can't afford an attorney. I need help! What can I do to get this started immediately??

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If one spouse controls all the money a court will usually require that the spouse with the money pay the legal costs of both parties in a divorce. You should consult with an attorney and discuss your situation in detail.


Clontact several lawyers in your area (you can do it through the bar association) and ask for the names of divorce lawyers who will take your case without an advance retainer. The attorney can then get his;her fee paid by making a pendents lite motion for fees and expenses.

Most attorneys will require some retainer from you, and then make a pendente motion to recover those fees for you.

Call your bar association, and get the ball rolling.

Good luck!

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