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I am a single mother in Missouri what are my rights?

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I am a single mother in Missouri. The Paternal Affidavit was signed at the hospital adding the father to the birth certificate. Does this give him any rights to the child? I am confused as to where things stand legally with our daughter. Do we both have the same rights or do I have sole physical and legal custody? There is no court orders for child support, visitation or custody.

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My concern is he is threatening me with various issues including overnight visits, taking our daughter on his terms etc. Does he have a right to do any of these things? He has another child which is causing his wages to be garnished will this have an effect on me obtaining child support?

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Unless he goes to court to obtain custody or parenting time, you have custody. Having another support order in place in front of yours will drastically lower your support - there is a cap on total support that can be paid, and the other order takes priority since it was entered first.

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