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I am a single mom, if I file child support do I loose sole custody of my son?

Hollywood, FL |

I am currently filing for child support, the father of my son advise me if I do file he will fight to have the child spent every other weekend with him. He saw my son 4 times since birth after 3 weeks of giving birth he never seen him cause his wife that he said he divorced found out. Since then he turned evil. I know he is scaring me off by saying that but I want supervise visit, his is on medications drinks takes Xanax and they are always fighting. And I do not believe this is a safe environment for my son. By the way the birth certificate was not sign, he has not contribute one Penney to this child.

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You cannot allow this man to intimidate you into giving up your rights to seek child support. This man fathered a child and has obligations to you and your child.

I urge you to contact a family law attorney to go over your case and explain what rights you have to obtain the child support that you seek and to protect you and your child. There a number of dedicated attorneys in South Florida who answer questions on Avvo and can be located by using the Avvo Find a Lawyer function. I have also provided you with a link to the Broward County Legal Aid Society and the Broward County Bar Association for reference

Good Luck and don't give up or give in.

Answering this question does not create an attorney-client relationship between us. The answer given is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for contacting an attorney licensed to practice in your jurisdiction and obtaining legal advice from such an attorney.


You should be prepared that you will be receiving some sort of child support and he will be receiving timesharing if he seeks to enjoy same. Both parties have a right to parent the child and the child has the right to be supported by both parents. I urge you to discuss the matter with an experienced family law attorney to obtain further information regarding your specific circumstances. Best of luck to you.

This answer is for general informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for your particular case nor is it intended as legal advice. I have not reviewed your case nor have I met with you and the answer to this question does not in any manner whatsoever establish an attorney/client relationship.


I agree with the other attorneys. Do not let this man bully you into giving up support for your child. You may have to give him parenting time but if you have concerns about his ability to parent, there are safety-focused parenting plans that you could enter into. You need to have a consultation with an attorney. Find one on this AVVO website near you and schedule an appointment. Most of us on AVVO offer free initial consultation. Good luck.

B. Elaine Jones, Esq.

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