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I am a single father recently broke up with my childs mother

Tacoma, WA |

My ex dropped off her 2 girls age 8 and 4 (and the 4 year old being biolocally mine ) with my mothers house sitter saying she could no longer care for them as I had left and she has no income. I have now a restaining order on her and the next day she went and got one on myself and my mother.I do have MY daughter but had to give up the 9 year old as she isnt my biolocallcal daughter.My ex has broken the restaining order by coming to my moms house and calling people to relay messages to me....What are the Washington State laws on her willingly leaving the girls at my moms and breaking restaining orders? We have Texts and voice mails with her admitting she did leave the girls and threats to get them back by coming to my moms work and or mine. She has no regard for the law.

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The mother breaking a restraining order is a crime. Contact the police and file a complaint. Her leaving your child with someone is evidence of a lack of good judgment at best, and may constitute abandonment. You should file a petition to modify your parenting plan, if you have one, or a petition for parenting plan or residential schedule. Your current restraining order should have a provision giving you emergency custody.