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I am a sex offender who has to register for the rest of my life so doesn't this mean the United States has declared they own me

Grand Junction, CO |

the united states is declaring me as a slave is that not right? what else would you call it?

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I am not really sure that this is a legal question. It is more of a moral and ethical question. The issue of lifetime registration has been litigated at both the CO Supreme Court level and the US Supreme Court level and has been upheld as constitutional. So, unless there is a change in legislation you are stuck with a lifetime requirement of registering. It has been deemed to be for the safety of the general public and that it takes precedence over your civil rights. Oftentimes we disagree with the laws. However, we have to work within the confines of them. This is an issue to take up with your state and national members of Congress.

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Is the government putting you to forced labor? Hardly.

Are you denied ownership of property? No.

You may even have retained the right to vote and hold office.

You either have no concept of slavery or hope we don't.

As to what it would properly be called - punishment. In a manner designed to warn the general public so it may take necessary steps to protect itself from documented predators.

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Its a burden, a consequence of your conviction.
It's a long way from slavery.

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Legally and gramatically there is a huge difference between registration and slavery.

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Interesting post that has been viewed by many attorneys. I agree with Mr. Leroi. I would also ask, how much sympathy do you believe you are going to get with this sort of post? If you want your situation changed, seek legislative changes by sitting down with your local house representative -- if they'll schedule a meeting.

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I would love to sit down with you too. I am a mother of three child sexual abuse survivors. I can tell you how the molestation they suffered under, will be with them for the rest of their lives. If you did what you what you got convicted for, you should at least carry your punishment as a man. A sexual abuser is a coward, so man up, start to think about what you did to your victim and don't complain. You did choose to sexual abuse somebody and now you have to suffer the price for you actions. Don't complain, make whatever you can do to prevent somebody else to go down the same road instead.