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I am a realtor in Orlando, Fl I have a client that lives in Denmark and purchased a vacant lot in St Mary's, Georgia.

Saint Marys, GA |

Since day one we have been requesting hoa information from the development but have never received a response. Then all off a sudden my client gets served a summons saying he owed 4500 in fees of which $2900 are back dues. The dues alone are supposed to be $318 a quarter and he has had the prop for 6 quarters. At most it should be $1900 yet they refuse to even send us info on how they came up with the amount they claim is owed.
what is he supposed to do,

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He has been sued. That means he needs a lawyer who can handle the case, and request the supporting documents.


There's a lot to unpack here. One thing we can say at the outset is that settlement of this alleged debt is going to be cheaper than paying a lawyer to deal with it.

The attorney closing on this sale should have gotten a letter from the HOA saying what dues were owed and what they'll be going forward.

If they actually have sued (is it a summons you got or a notice of lien?), then it's true that your client must file an answer or lose by default. He really should consider contacting the plaintiff's attorney in the lawsuit via the information under the signature line and coming to some settlement in return for a full release.

Best of luck.

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