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I am a permanent residence (PR) right now. I want to file I-30 right now for my spouse while my status is permanent residence.

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After one month I can file my citizenship. I have a confusion. If i file petition right now and I become citizen while the case is still in process, my case will move to citizen category but will my spouse get citizenship in 3 years or 5 years?
Is it 5 years because i filled application while I am PR? or
is it 3 years because I became Citizen before the case is over?

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Repeat question. See my answer to your previous question.


It depends upon her status then. Currently, she needs to get a greencard. Best Wishes!

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If you can become a citizen so soon ... I suggest you consider holding off on the I-130.

You didn't mention your spouse's citizenship, nor status in the US, this is a very important set of facts to have left out.

The 3 year rule should apply.

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Whether your spouse can apply for citizenship 3 years or 5 years after she obtains her PR status depends on her status then. It is not based on HOW she got her PR status (ie, whether you petitioned for her as a PR or as a citizen is not relevant). If she is married and living with a US citizen 3 years after obtaining her PR status then she can apply for citizenship.