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I am a Nursing Graduate and was charged with Larceny and Possession, my case is still open, what should I do?

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I used to work in a pharmacy and 1 year ago I went through a very stressful situation which led me to start taking a controlled substance medication from the pharmacy and self medicate myself.

Long story short I ended up being questioned and confessing. I'm not sure how much the medication costs but I know I did not take the amount of medication they are accusing me of. The only evidence that the pharmacy has against me is my own statement. Before making that statement I had drank some of the medication, which is a central nervous system depressant which affects your judgment, and I informed them of this prior to signing the papers.

I have no prior record and recently I have graduated from a Practical Nursing program. I am not able to take my Nursing Boards until my case is closed and even when it is closed they still have to decide whether or not they will permit me to take my Boards.

I recently hired a lawyer but I do not feel like he's paying much mind to my case. My Career depends on the outcome on this case, my my whole life depends on it.

I know I made a mistake, like I mentioned I have no prior record and this situation has put a hault in my life.

Any advice will be more than appreciated.

Thank you.

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You should stop posting about your case! I posted a brief answer here:


I agree with Attorney Varszegi. You are posting entirely too much information on this public board. You are represented by an attorney. One quality of a good attorney is that she can remain calm and focused even when her client starts freaking out. You may have hit that point, so you should take a step back and figure out what you think the attorney could and should be doing for you. If you can think rationally about it without getting emotional, you may conclude that all you can do right now is wait. Or else, if you think of more, call and tell her. Work with her. Trust is important in an attorney/client relationship. Good luck.

Providing users with information is not intended to create an attorney/client relationship. However, if in reading my response, you are interested in retaining me to represent you, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Listen to what Attorneys Leary and Varszegi are telling you. STOP talking about your case on this site! Start talking with your attorney in a collaborative way. And calm down.

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The other attorneys are correct. Please talk to your attorney. If you are still not happy with his performance, you may hire another attorney. You can express your concerns to him, including your concern that he's not paying enough attention to your case. But be aware, while it feels very urgent to you, the system may not require or permit urgent responses. Your attorney can best determine the correct course.


There is much that can be done for you to help maximize your ability to become a nurse. You have no prior record and a good criminal lawyer can help you obtain a good result in Court. You will then have to deal with the Board of Registration in Nursing. There is a program called SARP that a vast number of nurses who have substance abuse problems have enrolled in. You should get information about SARP. You should also be involved in substance abuse counselling and treatment. If you ever hope to become licensed you are going to have to demonstrate to the Board of Registration that you have dealt with your drug problem. An experienced criminal lawyer who has dealt with the Board of Registration can help you with all of this. Feel free to call.

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